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Gridiron flow> Implemented

January 26, 2010 Comments off

Starting to use Flow. Think its going to be very helpful when I have to do reporting of what I have done.  The visuals by themselves are impressive for explaining the complexity of my files.

Gridiron Flow: Must Have

January 21, 2010 Comments off

I want to start using this tomorrow. It works for design stuff, and just any project you might need to create from multiple files. The more digital we go, the more essential this type of tool becomes.  I just need better tools to help me organize my projects to free up my bandwidth for creativity.


  1. versioning
  2. time tracking per project (& pieces)
  3. decrease time in searching for… what is that called again
  4. meta searching ( YES!!! )
  5. automatic updating of packaged files
  6. Manual linking of auxillary files such as vcards, invoices, and word docs.

Thank you so much for presenting at InDesign Users Group DC today. I learned a lot, and I think this will help me at work and at home.