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Giving different

February 20, 2011 1 comment

When someone asks you for help, I think everyone wants to give.  Maybe they don’t want to give money, but usually if multiple options are available, some value can be contributed for everyone time willing.   Say you dont give someone money, but you build a mechanism to enable 2 people to give them money.  Shouldn’t the goal of fundraising be to raise the wealth (value) and emotional well being of all parties by some increment.  Lets rethink how things of value can be donated over what intervals-  time, money, connections, humanity.

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Collaboration vs compromise

May 10, 2010 Comments off

Collaboration is not always an option. Often a designer finds themself in a tough decision where they have to make a choice. You can either stand up to a client and show them a better solution OR step back and patiently choose to see what you can learn from the experience from their POV.  In what instances do either of these choices have a maximum benefit. OR, does being in the position where you have to make a choice mean that their was a bad person/ job fit, and this compromise was a collaboration gone bad?


4:1 ratio for twitter

May 4, 2010 Comments off

I read somewhere that you are supposed to RT (or comment) four times for every one time that you link to your content. What do you think about this?

It raises some interesting questions about social capital and reputation for Twitter image. However, as a producer of content, I wonder if that is why people are following me in the first place.  I must be aware of the social aspect of social media, otherwise, its just technology.  And I think people are more excited and drawn to the ideas, not the technology.


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Learning from rollerblades

April 23, 2010 Comments off

I think its interesting that rollerblades successfully combine multiple products into one design. So, they have branded, wheels, frames, liners, and then then each of those elements can be sponsored.  If this was a car, it would all be under 1 brand name.  I wonder how that came about.

Intentional design, or a product of culture.  USD is interesting because the design of the boot is all based around mass personalization.  Very interesting.  How can this be applied to other industries and existing products.


Microsoft Surface proposal for higher education

April 7, 2010 Comments off

This was a proposal that I put together for GW a while ago.  Feel free to contact me regarding implementation of any of these ideas incase this would be a good fit for your institution.

Open source !


PDF can be downloaded or viewed here: Donnelly_HCI_surface_121109a_blog

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Transparency in Design

April 6, 2010 Comments off

Is transparency good for the design process? Depends

If clients saw all my thoughts and proofs, would they respect me more? Think I was wasting their time? Like my process? Create more work for me?

I wonder how other professional careers view and document their process, and if they are rewarded for it?


WAP test

April 5, 2010 Comments off

Learning about design for mobile platforms.