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A Short Design Manifesto: design is the key

January 9, 2010 Comments off

I have been working on documenting design thinking, and showing how one concept can be implemented in multiple content formats. It is my personal belief that a design concept can be utilized in different mediums to better deliver targeted messages. I have been pitching this theory in my creative briefs at work. Each medium has qualities that can be exploited be best deliver your messages, to produce a marketing mix (or single serve) for your guest to create an experience that allows users to make an emotional connection to your brand/cause.

The goal would be to create strategic personalized communication materials to each guest – creating multiple best marketing mixes per individual guest. ie., customer centricity applied to new media.

1. Web > Interactive content> ability to take advantage of network efffects with your data, and ability to send and receive content based on search criteria. Cookies and preferences will play a larger role in the future in delivering targeted data. Ideally, 1:1 marketing solutions.  The same content can be arranged in multiple ways to send different umbrella messages. Content can be positioned next to other content with similar tags, to lend value to each other. To maximize this return, content NEEDS to be tagged with metadata to help content management systems better construct messaging “arcs.”  Alt tags and secondary viewing options will allow for content to be shared and viewed on other devices.

2. Mobile phones> different size real estate, but same potential of the web in a mobile platform. Allows for geo-centric data.

3. video> temporal. Guide guests along a pre-scripted path. Developing potential for “re” streaming, and commenting which can make a video active, and interactive.

4. print> variable data and personalization based on the data you collect from websites and other knowledge management frameworks. Use QR and AR to enhance printed content, and connect guests to your desired outcome.  Teaser articles can set the tone for “full” stories and experiences on the web.

5. Social Media> Word of mouth from people you trust, or dont want to alienate by unfriending 🙂  Using existing communication channels that people trust and LOVE to send your message. Social media is a great opportunity to create brand ambassadors, and utilize people as part of the marketing mix.

6. PR>  write later tonight…  how does design work in your organization. How can they help sell your concepts, and adapt them so that they work.

7. Go back and change this post in a week/ month/ year.

Wow…  This is the first time I have ever written this all down. Feels good.