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Proposed Hybrid Markers: AR + QR

January 9, 2010 Comments off

In an attempt to combine both markers, I have put them inside of each other instead of merging them. My attempt to combine the two was unsuccessful, and could not be detected when I used the standard FLAR marker inside of a simple QR code.

Marker 1: I was able to have the outer square detectable by the AIR application. Would be good for smaller hybrid markers.

Marker 2: I cannot test, but I figure it would be good for larger markers that could be displayed at poster size. Guests could access a url that loads a program. They can then walk closer to the printed piece to display and focus their smart phone on one of the main squares. I am hesitant whether the lower left corner square needs that white border or not. But, its a first step in developing this type of mark.

The ideal mark, such as the markerless markers developed by Metaio, would not have to have any of these codes.  So…. am I wasting my time?  The battle for lock in and standardization begins (continues).    12:29am.