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Pepsi: Letter Substitution

February 22, 2010 Comments off

How do Brand’s expand into social entrepreneurship?

Initially, I thought this was a simple clever clean looking number substitution ad. As an Ad itself, it asks me what I want instead of telling me what I should want. Pepsi is in the background.

Then, I wondered about the Pepsi Refresh project as a whole. They refresh their look, they activate their corporate giving program ( I don’t know the particulars of pepsi as a disclaimer and how they give, required or not ), and they achieve good community outreach at the expense of being viewed as an excellent service oriented for profit company. Its a win win win.

It’s still the same Pepsi, but if I now think of Pepsi as a community partner instead of a conglomerate soda company, maybe I will think twice about which way I lean in the cola war saga.  What do I care about? And why is that somehow linked in my head to Pepsi (jk).

Dunbar’s Number w/ Mobilized Social Networks

January 13, 2010 Comments off

Information Visualization of how applied social networks grow with respect to sustainability (not the green kind).

As an idea grows, in what direction does it grow, and who controls it? As more people on a collaborative site join, groups either lean towards splinter groups, or more detailed functional groups fueling major tasks of the parent vision.  Lesser tasks can be crowd-sourced by people who have lesser commitment.  As groups become larger, they become more visible to other organizations, groups, and sponsors. Information can be shared at any level (admin pending) to any group.

Do core groups shift to management roles as they do in the real world? Im sure if I actually looked, that I could find this in some org behavioral/HR textbook somewhere.

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