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Microsoft Surface proposal for higher education

April 7, 2010 Comments off

This was a proposal that I put together for GW a while ago.  Feel free to contact me regarding implementation of any of these ideas incase this would be a good fit for your institution.

Open source !


PDF can be downloaded or viewed here: Donnelly_HCI_surface_121109a_blog

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AR for Smart Proposals: Naming opportunities for Higher Education, and Construction Documents

February 2, 2010 Comments off

My idea here is to present ( with my 30 second screen shot software ) how traditional proposals can be combined with Augmented Reality elements to enhance the User Experience (UX).  Allow client to “hold” the 3d building they are about to purchase or sign for.  Let them take the proposal home, give them a url, and allow them to experience the 3d model you built/designed with a webcam and flash application. If this one small box can mean the difference between a client signing on the line, I think this could be a very easy “value add”.

This just seems natural to me.

Obviously, this demo used poor marker tracking and model, but I think the concept is there.  Note, the AR experience also will allow for composited information.  Additional information not listed on the spec sheet, such as timelines, or a basic balance sheet could stream from a URL to your AR experience.  There are many possibilities that can be customized to a clients needs.  I think this could be very powerful in civil and mechanical engineering industries.