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Microsoft Surface proposal for higher education

April 7, 2010 Comments off

This was a proposal that I put together for GW a while ago.  Feel free to contact me regarding implementation of any of these ideas incase this would be a good fit for your institution.

Open source !


PDF can be downloaded or viewed here: Donnelly_HCI_surface_121109a_blog

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First QR code on campus!

April 5, 2010 Comments off

GW Art Department .  Code scans to show a flyer for the current gallery show, including opening and closing dates.  QR code was placed in “frame” to theme it in the art realm, and dept. info was placed on the name plate.

Measures appx. 32×32″

This was printed on bond paper ( 5 bucks ), but if received well, we will go a bit further with design and production materials.

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AR from collada: Duques Hall at GWU

March 3, 2010 Comments off

Trance Tunnel Opening Friday 1/22/2010 GWU

January 21, 2010 Comments off

Hi, Come down to the Classroom 102 gallery this friday to check out a collaborative installation.


~ 700–635 nm Recap

January 21, 2010 1 comment

This show turned out great on the GW campus.  Great work, great people, great lighting.  First show I got to participate on as an alumni.

My piece is row 1, column 4, and (same piece) row 2, column 3.