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QRchtecture: Concept pitch for Affinity Labs

March 12, 2010 Comments off

Disclaimer: By concept, I mean, I have no current affiliation with the Lab, and I was not commissioned to make these.

Two concepts I came up with.  Two window locations could work, but the tree could be problematic for upstairs location. QR links to a video explaining what the lab is about, but could be linked to a news section, or a photo blog that could generate media buzz or walk ins.

Daytime: white vinyl window decals provide both shade, and privacy for workers.  Cheap, easy to put up, and removable in future.

Nightime: Color changing LED’s highlights white areas of QR code, and puts Affinity labs building on the map.  QR code stands out in the late hours of the night. Color changing LED’s could allow for multiple colors, and low power usage.

QR shoe concept

March 10, 2010 2 comments

Sneakers with as much as “soul” as your tweets. Concept shoe idea

QR code on sole links to your twitter account, or any other V card type of data.

Possible really cool way to do guerilla advertising?   -pd

QR experiment implementation: army camouflage

February 6, 2010 Comments off

Expansion of the stylized data pattern can be used to create camouflage.  Could have strategic applications?   What else could this look and feel lend itself to? Will think about it.

Is anyone else doing this type of work? Please share with me.



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QR: Media Integration and More

January 13, 2010 Comments off

What can QR codes be used for?

Well, I think of it just as data. So, you can store a phone number, text, SMS, picture, or URL. Practical implementations would include RSVP’s, or any other motivation one would have to connect a user from a print piece to other data sources (video, microsite, coupon, etc.).

But, I think its interesting that you can potentially have a short URL execute a function. This could be really cool, or really dangerous. What does this mean when more phones are computers, and more web apps are available.  This brings to mind a lot of fun ideas. Especially when (or IF) flash becomes available on the iphone, which I am not holding my breath.

Easy Example:  QR code> when is the next bus scheduled to come?  What meetings are being held in this room today?  I think QR codes can be used as lookup functions, rather then simply hard coded links.  My big thought of the day .

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