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Coke Avatar (AVTR) ar website: networking AR experiences together

February 16, 2010 Comments off

Plugin for augmented reality ( metaio ) does not work on macs.   This is why I really encourage people to build platform agnostic systems.

I do like how the marker in this instance has a steering affordance. I think this was acheived with tweening and a delay of the animation. Makes sense for flying objects.

It would be really cool if you could network with another person over facebook, or any other social site where you could have a shootout of sorts.  Network worlds! why not?

By combining Skype like video chat, with AR, I think some very interesting user experience for gaming could be achieved on a simple interaction level.

Multiple Brand Solutions: Static Logos are dead

January 18, 2010 Comments off

I was buying a a sandwhich at PotBellys, and I noticed this great design on my coke can. The snowboarder follows the coke swoosh, bringing in the olympic identity/ look and feel of the games. It says coke, it says olympics, and it doesn’t diminish either of the brands.

I love how more brands are taking liberties with their identities, and how they can be tweaked to have another brand or theme add value to their existing brand. What is Core, what is secondary, and how can your brand play with others? Why don’t more larger brands attempt this strategy with their designs?