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QR tips for making a code from real objects

March 23, 2010

Some of my findings to share:

1. Ideally, use square objects.
ex. when I tried using rectangular objects, they all didn’t fit and you are forced to compromise on some areas of your pattern.

2. Think resolution. 1 object or 4 can make a pixel. The bigger you make it, and the more objects used at the pixel level will scale out to a better resolution.
ex. when I made a qr code out of tic tacs, I used the wrong scale, so the EC was a challenge. I could have used 4 times as many tic tacs, and standing further away, it would have scanned easier.

3. Colors- Think contrast
a.  round objects like tic tacs can leave fuzzy edges
b. if you go with light on a dark background, remember you have to build the code backwards. And leave room for quiet area around it.
c. There is always the phototouch option

4. Good lighting

5.  Pray-  you spent an hour placing things on a table, you hope it scans, or if not ( hope that people take your word for it ).

Have fun…

Objects for starting out …
legos, sugar cubes, post its.

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