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Pepsi: Letter Substitution

February 22, 2010

How do Brand’s expand into social entrepreneurship?

Initially, I thought this was a simple clever clean looking number substitution ad. As an Ad itself, it asks me what I want instead of telling me what I should want. Pepsi is in the background.

Then, I wondered about the Pepsi Refresh project as a whole. They refresh their look, they activate their corporate giving program ( I don’t know the particulars of pepsi as a disclaimer and how they give, required or not ), and they achieve good community outreach at the expense of being viewed as an excellent service oriented for profit company. Its a win win win.

It’s still the same Pepsi, but if I now think of Pepsi as a community partner instead of a conglomerate soda company, maybe I will think twice about which way I lean in the cola war saga.  What do I care about? And why is that somehow linked in my head to Pepsi (jk).

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