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Microsoft Tags (2d barcode)

February 1, 2010

My next Challenge. Today microsoft announced this big step into 2d barcodes, a microsoft tag that is a variation on QR, and other mobile reader systems.  I am going to try it out and see what I can do.


So, I figured out how it works. Yay!

Both of these marks use the same patterns, but with custom marks, they have taken out the majority of the space needed to decode the mark. Thus, allowing for an area for a background image, or creating custom graphics IF they align with the dots.  Need to read up more on threshold values, etc.

From the app I downloaded from them, I was happy with the rate of automatic detection, and instant upload. Apparently they can be smaller then traditional QR codes, but if all of these really contain a url, how much data do you need to include. However, if this technology and format is available, it will be used. Whether that will be effective is another question.

There is a bigger question with all these QR/ datamatrix codes being available, how will be standardized, and  if thats important. Honestly, if my phone can have one app that will decode all of them, standardization goes away.


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