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Using RSVP’s as Crowdsourcing Open Call

January 12, 2010

My vision was to use RSVP panels for events, as an open call for crowdsourcing.  If people are going to send you something, why not have them send you back something they care about or a contribution. In a data driven world, why wouldn’t you want to collect memories or interests of a donor, contact, or business associat

e.  Its one small detail that might make the difference between a relationship and an entry in your address book.

Concept was to have recipients send back a memory or photo of their senior year back when they were in college. When arriving at the class reunion, memory walls of collected items and messages would be assembled in an exhibition where alumni could walk through, creating a platform for engagement. Images, an

d messages could also be assembled into video or ppt to be shown in CC tvs, or projected on buildings at night.

10 mins – pd

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